Narnaul Airstrip


    Narnaul Airstrip


    Title Size Status
    Present Land 58 acres Airport Land

    915 M X 23 M or

    3002ft X 75 ft

    Non-licensed airport
    Taxiway 58 M X 18 M or 190 ft X 59 ft
    40 M X 15 M OR 131 ft X 49 ft
    Taxi link for Helipad
    Apron 79 M X 29.5 M or 259 ft X 97 ft Non-Standard
    Hangar 50 M X 37 M or 164 ft X 121 ft Alchemist Aviation (MRO)
    Runway Lights Not Available Normal AFLS may be installed after FTO awarded & Aero Sport Operator.
    Office Spaces Available Within Hangar
    Residential Spaces Grade IV accommodation Renovation under approval
    Additional Space available for other Infrastructural development purposes Yes* (as per Code 2 B airport) Approx. 19,489 Sqm 19 acres),
    Present Utilization Training Flying, NSOP & Aero sports activity Training transit & Aero Sports Operator.
    Runway Extension plan Not planned yet
    Additional Land Required Yes Panchayat land contiguous to airport land towards east.

    * If Drop-zone to be maintained, then only minimal space will be available for any other developments

    Status of Present extension/ development

    1. Technical feasibility study conducted by AAI. (As per the report extension of runway not feasible due existence of Railway track (West) and Bhilwara village (East).
    2. Rough Cost Estimate for the renovation of VIP lounge, Grade IV Servant Quarter and Standard Boundary wall is under process.
    3. Panchayat land (approx. 07 acres) contiguous to the airport land towards the east, be transferred to Civil Aviation Department for development of infrastructure for effective utilization of existing airstrip facilities.

    AFLS: Airfield Lighting System
    HICA: Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation
    NSOP: Non Scheduled Operator Permit
    MRO: Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
    FTO: Flying Training Organisation